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Lonely Piano [Loop] Lonely Piano [Loop]

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it makes me... idk feel something, something i cant explain... and cant reach, but its still there just out of reach. sometimes when i close my eyes listening to this i just imagine all the moments in my life that mean anything to me and i feel... hollow inside like I've missed so many chances to do things to be a better and happier person... But then i open my eyes and realize that its too late anyway and notice im alone

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How to Voice the Internet How to Voice the Internet

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So what i just learned is all the 12 year olds that apparently fucked my mom on call of duty might be Smart and phosistocated people... they just forgot to buy a goddamn leather poop filter. now i know and knowing is half the aneurysm (GI Jose Fanfare begins playing)

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---Tourettes Revamp--- ---Tourettes Revamp---

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

im not going to lie as someone with tourettes i got this link and thought instantly great something furthering the sterotype that tourettes is just cussing and that we arent intelligent but i must say besides the shit heads in the comments i was quite surprised at the quality and amazing sound this produced. i liked the dick figures referance, all and all it was great and i enjoyed this eargasim have a good one an keep up the great work.

Acid-Notation responds:

Good to hear!